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Aircon Servicing Self Help Guide

Aircon Servicing Self Help Guide


With haze being a problem in Singapore and psi crossing dangerous levels of over 100, it is common for household in Singapore to have an aircon or air-conditioning. Pricing of air-conditioning can varies from brands and each purchase can easily cross $2000 SGD inclusive of installation.

With prices at sky rocket price, it is no wonder that many would prolong the live span of their air-conditioner then to constantly be changing to a new unit once every 2-3 years. The question on many would then be how to prolong the live span of their air-conditioner?

Yearly Aircon Servicing Contract

Regular aircon servicing can be done either by doing it yourself or getting a professional help. With a yearly maintenance contract, what you are assured is that the professionals will come in every 3 months to service your air-conditioning unit. Prices for professional services varies from companies and looking for a reliable servicing company can be challenging.

What Do the Technicians Do ?

When the technician comes to your home, he should complete the following:

1) Clean the condensing coils on your unit

2) Oil the fan motor

3) Check the operating pressure

4) Check the coolant levels

5) Check the amp draw of the compressor and check that the belts are adjusted properly

How Can I Do It On My Own?

1) Change the filter of your unit regularly

2) Cut any vegetation or shrubbery away from an outdoor unit

3) Listen for any odd sounds that could signal a breakdown of your unit

Who Do You Contact When Faced With Difficulties?

If you need professional help and advice on your air-conditioning, feel free to contact us!

Company: Cool-Aire

Tel: +65 9768 0878


Tips To Keep Your Aircon Running Longer

Aircon is a costly purchase for many of us which can easily cost thousands of of dollars with each purchase. Constantly changing to a new air condition unit is not the way to go. Having worked with many contractors over a span of more than 10 years of owning an air conditioning, below are some tips which can be used as a guide line.

• Working with a reliable aircon contractor

Aircon Servicing
The first step to owning an aircon unit that last a long time is the installation process. Many of us have probably heard from friends or experience the nightmare where within 3-6 months of a new aircon installation, the unit starts getting faulty. It is therefore important to hire a qualified contractor, with long history of experience, to survey and discuss how pipping are run before the actual installation.

• High quality copper pipes

Before making an aircon purchase, many of us tend to forget to ask the contractor what types of pipe they will be using. Many contractors, will by default, choose a cheaper alternative for their end to save cost. By understanding the this, we can discuss and request the contractors to use higher grade copper pipes.

The purpose of a thicker copper pipe is to able to withstand a higher operating pressure. The grade varies from the lowest SWG (standard working gauge) or G25 (0.51mm) to G21 (thickest). For HDB owners, the G23 (0.61mm) is usually recommended. If you have concealed piping, then G22 (0.71mm) is a better option.

• Higher-efficiency system

With a higher efficiency system, you will firstly need to understand the various type of compressors which will be able to support your home. With this understanding, you can choose the right time of compression for your air conditioning. Compressors usually come in 9000BTU to 24000BTU which would suit most hdb homes in singapore. It is always good to inform your contractor the number of aircon units you require to have and seek their advice on it.

For best electrical saving, it is advise that home owners choose a unit with higher star rating. These rating varies from model to brands and can make a significant saving when you receive your monthly electrical bills.

• Organize a yearly aircon maintenance

This is the most recommended way to keep your air conditioner in working for years. Having it checked at least once a year will ensure that problems associated with your aircon unit can be diagnosed early to prevent worsting of the situation. With your aircon system problem free, you can be sure your unit is healthy and is good to run for the years to come.

• Cleaning / Changing of air filters regularly

With the constant use of the aircon unit, it is strongly advisable to constantly clean / change your air filters. Air filters ensure that your aircon system can operate smoothly without blockage / choke from the dust accumulated over time. If air filters are block or choke, it will cause your system to run on a heavier load or in extreme cases, overheating.

• Fix any airflow problems

A smooth airflow ensures that air flows to the various system with little or minimum load. By getting your aircon servicing contractor look into the pipe once a year, you can be sure that any dust / dirt that is building up within the pipes, get cleared before blockage or choking happens.

• Clean regularly

All new air conditioning units purchase comes with a user guide on how to clean the unit. By following the instruction provided, cleaning can be done to increase the lifespan of your aircon unit. A broom or vacuum can be used in the process but care must be taken to avoid damaging the coil areas which are usual fragile.

With the above tips provide, you can start including it in your next home cleaning session.

Should you require professional aircon help and advise, do contact:

Company: Cool-Aire
Tel: +65 9768 0878

Common Home Air Conditioning in Singapore


Common Home Air Conditioning in Singapore


In Singapore, with the tropical weather of an average of 30 degrees Celsius, it is very common to find air conditioning in most place from home to shopping malls and various office.

It is an interesting fact to know that air conditioning comes in various types of choices to cater to the right environment to supplement the cool air needed in these places.

Base on our understanding, below will be a list of information we can gathered

Aircon Window Unit

Window / Casement Air Conditioner

A window / casement air conditioner unit, is designed to cool a single room which can be a good and easy to install option. It is usually installed when it is not possible or practical to have a central air conditioning.

It requires a opening to an outdoor space to ventilate the hot air which will not be suitable if your room has no windows or opening.

It is the cheapest form of air conditioning to be found in the market.

Aircon Wall Mount Unit

Wall Mount Air Conditioner

Wall mounted air conditioning units are placed at a high-level on a wall. It is ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops. Wall mount air conditioning unit works by ventilating your area with cool air via a central compressor. The compressors are usually found on on the aircon ledge or in older homes, suspended outdoors with a bracket.

It is the most commonly found air conditioning unit in most homes today.

Aircon Portable Unit

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner, like it’s name, is the easiest air conditioning option. With minimum setup works, you can start running your portable air conditioning unit without much professional help. It is highly recommended for areas of temporally usage.

Although it is easiest air conditioning option, many of the feed backs that we are receiving are usually the lack of power to cool the required area. It is not recommended if you are intending to use the space for a couple of years.

Once you decide on the right type of air conditioning unit, do check out our guide on tips to keep your aircon running longer.

Should you need professional aircon servicing and installation advice, contact us:

Name: Cool-Aire
Tel: +65 9768 0878




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